Elegant, handcrafted wooden boats, tyee rowboats, daysailers, and row boat accessories, built in
Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. Call today, 250-650-3043 or 1-866-923-0281


  Select a design from one of our handcrafted wooden boats and daysailers. Tyee Row Boat, Rhodes Wherry, Christmas Wherry, Newfoundland Trap Skiff, Sunshine Tender, Ducktrap Wherry, Harbor Skiff, The Herreshoff Pram, Lapstrake Canoe, Orca Kayaks, Hilmark Signature and the Hilmark Eight Foot Row Boat Yacht Tender

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About Us

  Hilmark Boats Inc. is located on Vancouver Island, Canada. We build 16 different models of boats as well as specializing in researching designs and creating boats that meet our customer's wishes.

  We enjoy unlimited natural wood supplies and are committed to traditional , historically accurate methods of construction. Lapstrake or clinker built construction is our specialty.


Customers Specifications

Satisfaction Guaranteed


Explore the local waters at your leasure and start enjoying life.


1 By purchasing a boat from Hilmark Boats Inc. you may be assured it measures up to your requirements.

2 The best of timbers combined with quality workmanship ensures many years of enjoyable pleasure.

3 From when we take your order, during construction and until your project is finished we will guarantee satisfaction.