Hilmark Signature

These round bilge lapstrake boats have a deep keel and curved up hull at the stern and weighs in at only 170 pounds - a design that works wonderfully in sea swells and permits superb control by the rower, especially with a large salmon hooked on your line. A common working hull, these boats were the pick-up truck of the 17, 18, and 1900s. Many trips of several hundred seamiles were undertaken in this style of wooden boat. There's room for a guide (rower) and two fishermen in the 14 foot model. When you have that big fish on the line, you may not pay attention to where you stand and how you move around - our rowboats are built to keep you in control.e is also a welcome sport boat on fresh water lakes in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Nebraska, Minnesota, Alaska and wherever the sport of fishing is enjoyed.

The The Hilmark Signature is our upscale model of the Tyee Rowboat. Beautifully finished with a yew deck and a wrap around rope bumper, the Campbell River Classic evokes a feeling of rich nostalgia. Click on the button below to find out how to get yours today.