Lapstrake Canoe

The Lapstrake Canoe, designed by Ducktrap Boat Building, are double paddle canoes with incredible stablility. The seat is at water level and provides a smooth, fast, ride with less wobble. How fast are they? In Lincolnville Maine, these designed boats are not allowed to compete with standard class canoes.

This photo shows our 15 footer accompanied by a 13 footer.

We offer three different models: The 13 footer is a 45 pound solo model, the 15 footer is also a solo (though she can carry two) that weighs 55 pounds, and our 17-foot double weighs only 65 pounds.

And here's a look inside. You can see the clean run of the laps, the seat, and the backrest. It is also a pretty good shot of the jointed 9' double paddle.